Vic is very professional and knowledgeable in the areas of civil litigation, real estate and bankruptcy. I trust the way he thinks and admire his work ethic.

Stefan Bostanian, President, Astra Holding, Inc.

I sought help on a matter but other attorneys said nothing could be done. I turned to Vic, he did some research, and ultimately he collected thousands of dollars for me. He’s amazing.

Robert Sampo, President, Harbor Truck Services

Vic carefully and meticulously handled my commercial matter to ensure my ultimate protection from a “den of thieves.”

Jan G., Commercial Property Owner

Vic obtained an easement for my family in the Malibu hills which allowed us to thereafter sell the attached property for hundreds of thousands of dollars. He’s one of a kind.

Dennis D., Contractor

Vic went to trial for me when others balked. By doing so and winning, he freed up certain real estate which allowed my mother and me to sell it thereafter at a great profit. We are very grateful.

Jim Langston, Retired Business Owner