Smart Eviction/Unlawful Detainer

The Law Offices of Vic Rodriguez provides landlords top-notch FLAT FEE eviction/unlawful detainer services from beginning to end. If you are a landlord and wish to evict your tenant you must file an unlawful detainer action to regain possession of your property. This entails serving the proper 3/30/60 or even 90 day notice before beginning the Unlawful Detainer process. Attorney Vic Rodriguez is a Los Angeles Eviction Attorney, he can provide you with the guidance necessary to determine what notice you must serve on your tenant. There are very strict rules in Los Angeles that determine how a landlord must evict his/her tenant. A Los Angeles Unlawful Detainer Attorney, can provide you with the legal advice to commence and execute a flawless eviction action that will return possession of your property to the rightful owner, YOU!

For an all inclusive FLAT FEE, Los Angeles Eviction Attorney Vic Rodriguez will prepare the proper notice necessary to serve on your tenant, he will also prepare the Summons and Complaint, as well as the Default Judgment and the Writ of Possession necessary to return possession of your property. Los Angeles Eviction Attorney Vic Rodriguez will ensure that a certified process server delivers your lawsuit to all tenants living on your property and will also acquire the services of the adequate Sheriiff’s office to finish the LOCKOUT procedure. All of these required services and actions are included in Los Angeles Eviction Attorney Vic Rodriguez’ LOW FLAT FEE.

Should your tenant respond to your eviction action, a trial will be necessary and trial preparations will need to be made. You can elect to have Los Angeles Eviction Attorney represent you in court for a low flat fee and also prepare all the evidence and documentation needed for trial.

Attorney Vic Rodriguez will also file a motion to remove the automatic stay that a bankruptcy filing imposes should your tenant employ this option.

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